EndocorpUSA Endoscope Warranty

With over 20 years of repair experience in healthcare industry, we understand how critical quality repairs are to not only medical professionals using the equipment, but patients as well. And with that understanding is our assurance to you that anything serviced or repaired in our facilities is guaranteed to leave our facility meeting the manufacturers specifications for that item. And so we provide our customers with an endoscope warranty that can’t be matched anywhere else in the industry.

We back this assurance with a 13-month Parts & Labor Warranty for the following:

  • Flexible and Rigid Endoscopy Repairs
  • Endoscopy Equipment Repairs
  • Endoscope & Equipment Purchases
  • Camera Head Repairs
  • Surgical Equipment Repairs

Our Parts & Labor Warranty is unlike any other repair facility in the world:

  1. 100% Capital OEM Replacement Parts
  2. Daily Customer Support for troubleshooting
  3. Daily Technical Support from our repair technicians
  4. Full Access to Our Endoscopy Loaner Pool*
  5. Discounted Repair Rates

 Our Endoscope Warranty is the best in the industry because the length of time we cover our workmanship and because we cover the labor and parts. And we don’t replace your endoscope’s parts with aftermarket parts, we use our OEM endoscopy replacement parts to ensure that you are getting the best quality coverage in the industry.

*availability may vary

Patients Put Their Lives in Your Hands, Put Your Repairs In Ours