Endoscopy Repair Services

EndocorpUSA offers endoscope repairs for over 600 different models of flexible video and fiber endoscopes made by the world’s leading endoscopes manufacturers. Our endoscope repairs cover the full spectrum of large and small diameter flexible endoscopes, ranging from minor and major repairs to CCD replacements overhauls. Unlike other organizations, our National Service Center only uses Capital OEM Replacement parts in its endoscope repairs. Learn more about our OEM Parts.

Endocorp USA
Endocorp USA

Quality Guaranteed Endoscope Repairs

Medical equipment repair requires attention to detail to ensure that they are functioning flawlessly. To accomplish this objective, EndocorpUSA utilizes a quality assurance program incorporating dynamic quality control procedures and processes. This not only ensures that medical equipment meets the required specifications, but also guarantees that repairs are completed within budget and on schedule.

We also offer service exchanges on all endoscopes, so if your scope is beyond repair or its repair is not cost effective, we can exchange it for a newer scope at a discounted price.

And for larger facilities, EndocorpUSA provides customized contracts for the full spectrum of endoscopy repair services.

And because we stick behind our workmanship we provide a 13-month warranty on all of our repairs. This gives you the piece of mind you deserve from a service company.

Learn more about our Endoscopy Repair Warranty

‘Value Added’ Endoscope Repairs

EndocorpUSA provides cost-conscious healthcare professionals an affordable alternative to the “Black-Box” endoscope repair technique, widely used by leading OEM’s. This repair approach frequently entails the unnecessary replacement of complete assemblies, subassemblies and other major components; rendering the cost of major repairs economically unfeasible. Instead our technicians perform “component level” repairs on components that are critical and essential to the proper and safe performance of the endoscope.

We are able to provide these component level repairs because our inventory of over 1 million OEM Endoscope Repair Parts. This allows us to replace individual parts, instead of replacing a entire assemblies, which states are customers time and money on every repair. Learn more about our OEM Repair Parts.

Our distinct approach to repairs has been key to our success in providing healthcare facilities with Value-Added Endoscopy Repairs for over 20 years.

  • Flexible Endoscopy Repair Services
    • Minor and Major Repairs
    • Overhauls Repairs
    • Service Exchange Repairs
  • Rigid Endoscopy Repair Services
    • Minor and Major Repairs
    • Overhaul Repairs
    • Service Exchange Repairs
  • Endoscope Equipment Repairs
  • Camera Head & Coupler Repairs
  • Surgical Instrument & Accessory Repairs
    • Air Hose Repairs, Battery Pack Reloads, and Light Cord Rebuilds
  • Orthopaedic Surgical Device Repair
    • All Pneumatic, Battery, and Electical Surgical Devices

  • Endoscopy Preventative Maintenance
  • On-site Installation of Endoscope Systems
  • Endoscope Care & Handling Training
  • Endoscope Re-processing Training
  • Capitated and Cost Plus Fixed Fee Service Contracts
  • Endoscope Loaners Available
  • Endoscope Rental Program

Patients put their lives in your hands, put your repairs in ours.

Endocorp USA

Our Endoscopy Repair Lab

Our Full-Service Repair Facility Offers Quick Turnaround On Your Endoscopes

We employ a team of service technicians that are fully equipped and trained to repair most makes and models of endoscopes, endoscopy equipment, surgical equipment, and more. From component level repairs to complete overhauls, our National Service Center can meet your needs.

Our in-house repair service saves your facility time. Our quick turnaround prevents your facility from being without the equipment it needs, reducing the need to reschedule procedures. We also can provide your healthcare facilities with loaner endoscopes or equipment, so that you can avoid costly downtime, while your endoscopes are being serviced.

By developing a customized and fully streamlined repair process in our Lab, we ensure that our customer’s repairs receive the utmost care, from intake of your endoscope to its shipment back to you.

Our principal technicians guarantee that your equipment meets or exceeds OEM specifications at step of the repair process. And we take this guarantee so seriously, that we have invested millions of dollars into the development of a dedicated 20,000 sq. ft. OEM Parts Warehouse; stocking it with over 1 million OEM parts.

Learn more about our OEM Parts Warehouse.