OEM Endoscopy Parts

What makes EndocorpUSA so unique is our OEM Endoscope Parts inventory. There is no other company in the world, with a fully stocked inventory of quality endoscope parts like ours. You can count on the quality of your endoscope repairs knowing that we are the largest stocking supplier of OEM endoscope parts in the world. Our OEM endoscope parts go through stringent quality control procedures from the moment they arrive in our warehouse to the moment they are shipped to your facility. Learn more about our OEM endoscope parts below.

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Most independent service organizations rely on aftermarket repair parts in their repairs. These reverse engineered parts, do not match in the quality of original endoscopy parts made by the original equipment manufacturer . For capital replacement parts that are critical to the operation of the endoscope and that the doctor handles or that are inserted into the patient, OEM parts are more durable and reliable. That’s why we use 100% capital OEM endoscope parts in all of our repairs.

Endocorp USA
Endocorp USA
Endocorp USA
Endocorp USA

Our Inventory and Quality Control

Over 1,000,000 OEM parts are processed in our very own climate controlled 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse.  Each of our parts undergoes a rigorous quality control procedure- from procurement to labeling to ensure that the part is ready for it’s use in our customer’s repairs.

OEM Parts Value to Our Customers

Our inventory of OEM parts has provided our customers, over the past 20 years, added value, by

  • Substantially reducing their repair costs
  • Reducing endoscope repair time
  • Increasing the quality of repairs
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