Our Lab

Our Full-Service Repair Facility Offers Quick Turnaround On
Your Endoscopes

We employ a team of service technicians in our National Service Center, fully trained on all endoscopes and other endoscopy-related equipment. From component level repairs to complete overhauls from obsolete models to the most recent, we have you covered.

Our in-house repair service saves you time. Our quick turnaround on all repairs prevents your facility from being without the equipment it needs, reducing the need to reschedule patients. We even offer a loaner equipment program, so that you can avoid costly downtime, while your endoscopes are being serviced, which is just one aspect of what we call “full-service.”

By developing a customized and fully streamlined repair process in our Lab, we ensure that our customer’s repairs receive the utmost care, from intake of your endoscope to shipment back to you.

Our principal technicians guarantee that your endoscope meets or exceeds OEM specifications each step of the repair process. And we take this guarantee so seriously, that we have invested millions of dollars into the development of our dedicated OEM Parts Warehouse and into stocking over 1 million OEM parts. Learn more about our OEM Parts Warehouse.

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