OUR Team

At the heart of our organization is our team. We believe that at the core of delivering on our mission and realizing our vision is a strong empowered and incredible team.



ENDOCORP will be a premier medical parts provider to the healthcare industry. Our purpose is to deliver world class part solutions that exceed expectations, while providing extraordinary customer service. 

Our Mission


ENDOCORP exists to provide sustainable part solutions that empowers our customers to deliver quality repairs of live-saving medical devices, improving the quality life of patients and driving down healthcare costs.


Four rights to success


The Right

The Right Model

The Right Quality

The Right Now 


Our Core Values


Customer First

Quality Focused

Integrity Lived

Accountability Always

Being Remarkable

Winning is Fun

Teamwork Driven 




1. Deliver legendary customer service.

2. Do what’s best for the customer.

3. Be fanatic about response time.

4. Never yield when it comes to quality.

5. Take quality personally.

6. The right part, the right model, the right quality, the right now.

7. Do the right thing, always.

8. Speak Straight and Keep it Real Always.

9. One Part, One Patient.

10. The work we do is a reflection of who we are.

11. Get clear on expectations.

12. Exercise blameless problem-solving.

13. Close the Loop.

14. Make decisions driven by information.

15. Find a way. Never say “I can’t”.

16. Go the extra mile to deliver results.

17. Work with purpose and seek perpetual growth.

18. Make excellence the rule, not the exception.

19. Celebrate success.

20. Keep things Fun.

21. Thrive.

22. Check the ego at the door.

23. Be Present. Be Focused.

24. Honor commitments.