Endocorp Refund Policy

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your components or repair solution, we want to fix that.

Customer Satisfaction and Returns

If buyer is not satisfied with the quality of pre-owned medical equipment pursuant to customer’s acceptance of delivery, ENDOCORP will, at customer’s option, replace the said equipment with another of the same make and model, or issue a credit towards the customer’s account of an amount equal to the returned equipment purchase price (minus shipping, duty fees, taxes and other charges, as may be applicable), provided equipment is returned unused and with the same original containers and packing materials within Five (5) business days of the date and time first attempted delivery for local customers, and within Ten (10) business days of the date and time first attempted delivery for international customers. Should customer decline the replacement option within the allocated time limitation, ENDOCORP will refund, in the form of cash payment, the said credit minus 25% of original purchase price for restocking fee. Should ENDOCORP fail to provide the said replacement within two weeks from customer’s notification, ENDOCORP will refund the customer full credit of an amount equal to the original purchase price. Item(s) must be physically at ENDOCORP facility at the due times stated above to qualify for one-to-one replacement or for partial refund. Customer must obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA No.) from ENDOCORP for all returns. Non-authorized returns will be returned to customer by collect freight.

Standard Limited Warranty on Purchases

Subject to the exclusions or limitations and upon the conditions stated in this and other clauses in this “General Terms and Conditions”, ENDOCORP warrants that the pre-owned equipment sold to Purchaser, if and when sold to Purchaser in a patient-ready condition, is in good working condition, is free from defects in materials or workmanship, significantly conforms to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) performance specification, and shall function properly under normal use and service for the Limited Warranty duration term indicated to Purchaser at time of sale, or as stated on the “Warranty Certificate” issued by ENDOCORP. If sold equipment should prove to be defective within said period, Purchaser must return the equipment to ENDOCORP and ENDOCORP agrees, at its option, and at no cost to buyer, either to (i) to repair the defect using refurbished, reconditioned and/or serviceable original used parts or new parts of equal quality to original or (ii) to replace said endoscope or equipment with equivalent one, provided that ENDOCORP investigation and inspection disclose that such defect(s) is developed under normal and proper use. Purchaser shall obtain Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA No.) from ENDOCORP prior to shipment of warranted equipment to ENDOCORP facility by calling 1-800- 789-7802. Excluded from this Warranty and not warranted by ENDOCORP in any fashion, either expressed or implied are defect(s) or damage(s) to said equipment resulting from wear and tear, misuse, misapplication, mishandling, accidental or intentional dropping or knocking of said equipment, abuse, negligence, improper storage, improper transit, or use of accessories, consumables or supplies not approved by OEM- and additionally, where sold equipment is an endoscope, also excluded from this warranty, patient’s bites, fluid invasion caused by any of the previous factors or non-adherence to OEM’s leak test, cleaning, sterilization, transport or storage procedures, misuse of biopsy forceps, cleaning brushes or other insertion methods leading to puncturing the internal tubing of endoscope. The Standard Limited Warranty shall be null and void if and when determined by ENDOCORP that sold equipment has been disassembled, repaired, tampered with, altered, changed, or modified by persons other than those of ENDOCORP, unless any such action is made with the written consent of ENDOCORP.

Repair Warranty

All repairs are covered with ninety (90)-day warranty, which is only applicable to the specific repair completed by ENDOCORP. Warranty excludes those repair “redos” determined by ENDOCORP to be caused i) by fluid invasion caused by customer’s failure to use soaking cap during equipment cleaning procedure, or medical procedure, ii) by customer’s misuse or mishandling of equipment, iii) from improper storage procedure, iv) from excessive wear and tear, v) from accidental damage such as dropping or knocking equipment, or vi) from customer’s non-adherence to any of the OEM’s instructions related to the proper use and handling of said equipment.